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As a specialist for the design, development and marketing of products and services, we optimise the application of your advertising materials in the B2B sector – in both print and digital. Use big brand names and popular trend products as creative advertising ideas for your customers – personalised to your wishes. Learn more about how you can use targeted personalised marketing gifts and services – customised to your customer target groups!



A Diverse Range of Promotional Options

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Your partner for promotional gifts
Strengthen your company’s success with attention grabbing promotional gifts and ideas that are creative and memorable. Appealing promotional items drive new purchases, strengthen customer relationships and attract new customers.
MAIRDUMONT is your partner for finding, planning and producing the right advertising medium or gift. You not only profit from our years of experience in promotional ideas, but also from our renowned, strong brands, such as MARCO POLO, Falk, DuMont, Baedeker, KOMPASS, ADAC Cartography and VARTA.

Personalised promotional gifts
We personalise promotional gifts such as travel guides, city guides, trend guides, theme guides, country maps, street maps, world maps, atlases etc. We include your company logo or specially designed title pages to match your product or company perfectly, making our basic product your personalised promotional gift for your customers. Choose from attractive, popular and proven themes such as sports and leisure, travel destinations, holiday ideas, getaway destinations and current events like the football World Cup, Christmas and, and, and… With a promotional gift from MAIRDUMONT, you not only give a practical promotional article, but a fun promotional gift that brings joy to its users.

Customised promotional gifts
We naturally also offer you the option to only use parts of our basic products and add your own editorial content, photos, tips etc. We are also open to everything in regard to format. Whatever it is you wish to give: a travel guide in miniature format as a bottle tag, a digital trend guide to download for smartphones, a city guide in PDF or a world atlas as a high-quality book – we create your promotional gift just the way you imagine it.

Successful promotional articles
Are you planning a marketing campaign, but you’re still looking for the right promotional articles? Marketing media and promotional articles from MAIRDUMONT Business Solutions can be customised to meet the needs of your marketing campaign. We support your promotion campaign with promotional articles, gifts and giveaways covering the themes of holidays, travel and leisure time. Whatever form your campaign takes, our promotional articles are ready for you to use as digital or print products.

Promotional print articles
Together we develop your special production to support your own promotion campaign in a fully customised fashion. Premium brand products such as MARCO POLO travel guides with your logo on them give your marketing presence a personal touch and, in doing so, result in attractive print products that perfectly complement your marketing measures or promotion campaign. With trend themes featuring positive connotations, such as travel, leisure time, sports, health and wellness, we work with you to create an exclusive promotional article that focuses on the interests of your customers. We provide you with publishing products with or without advertising, special productions, MARCO POLO trend guides, medium-format MARCO POLO sports events, customer magazines and much more. Our selection of products available to support your promotion campaign is huge!

Promotional digital articles
All of our promotional articles are also available in digital form. Profit from our experience and expertise in the design and implementation of digital promotional products, such as mobile applications, e-books, interactive map services, editorialised travel guide information and e-magazines. One thing is certain – with customised promotional articles from MAIRDUMONT, your promotion campaign will be a guaranteed success.

The way to say thank you
Bonus rewards, reader rewards, loyalty rewards, subscription or new customer rewards – rewards have established themselves as a popular marketing instrument for saying thank you to customers, as well as for influencing contract and purchasing decisions. Almost every successful company offers its customers a selection of attractive rewards for different occasions. The popularity and success of this marketing method also means that the demands of customers have grown. For this reason, exclusive rewards with attractive value added are in demand. The premium products from MAIRDUMONT Business Solutions are built on positive themes and draw on strong brand names such as MARCO POLO, Falk, DuMont, Baedeker, KOMPASS, ADAC Cartography and VARTA, and are available as both print and digital products. We produce exclusive rewards that your customers will treasure.

Rewards that go down well
Set yourself apart from your competitors with attractive loyalty, new customer and subscription rewards that are both fun and useful. We provide you with rewards such as travel guides with attractive pictures and insider tips – in a variety of formats. Whether it is as diary, mini booklet, PDF file or a useful mobile app – our themes are packaged to suit you and your products optimally.

Our rewards – simply unique
Do you have a clear idea of what your reward should look like? Do you also have a clear idea of its theme? Then we’re happy to support you with premium content, experience and high professionalism in implementing it. Use the good reputation of our products, but above all, the quality with which they are associated, to create a high-quality reward your customers can really enjoy. But even if you’re still looking for that exciting idea, MAIRDUMONT Business Solutions remains the right partner for you. Our creative and expert staff are happy to personally advise you and present you with all the opportunities and options for creating an attractive reward. One thing is certain: With us, your reward is guaranteed to be unique!

Using purchasing impulses
Customers are always happy to receive a “prize” or giveaway. Prize codes that can be checked online or via smartphone are particularly popular. As a modern business solutions partner, MAIRDUMONT offers you the opportunity to use prize codes to provide your customers with a diverse range of information, maps, images and tips on themes such as leisure time, holidays, travel, health and wellness. Give your product extra value added that positively influences the purchasing decisions of potential new customers.

Attractive prizes
Using prize codes generated by us, your customers can download handy travel and leisure time info to their smartphones, tablets and computers as an app or PDF. The scope of content, as well as the format and design, can be simple or elaborate. In terms of design, there are almost no limits to the possibilities. Digital content can also be implemented by us so that it perfectly goes with your company and/or products.

Prize codes are popular
Both large and medium-sized companies are choosing to use more and more promotion, marketing and advertising campaigns supported by prize codes. Discover for yourself the various opportunities and advantages of using prize codes, and in doing so, strengthen your customer ties, as well as generate new customers. The range of popular themes available from MAIRDUMONT qualify us an exclusive partner for your own prize code promotion. See for yourself!

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