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MAIRDUMONT CORPORATE PUBLISHING specialises in networked company communication. We develop cross-medial corporate media concepts for companies, brands and institutes.

We employ MAIRDUMONT’s years of experience in realising innovative and efficient concepts for our clients. We know how the markets work, we understand the target groups, we recognise the trends and challenges, and we find the perfect solution for you. Our experienced core team and comprehensive network of specialists account for superb implementation.

As a full-service provider, we cover the entire spectrum of corporate publishing: from consultations and concept designs to implementation, refinancing and distribution.



Consulting/Conception: Focusing on your goals and drawing on a qualified, comprehensive assessment of your customers’ needs, we develop networked, target-group specific, comprehensive communication solutions.

Creation: Building on well-conceived concepts, we realise exciting and credible stories, captivating photography and clearly designed layouts for print, online and mobile. In the creation of magazine apps, MAIRDUMONT has a wealth of experience with the publisher’s own brands.

Marketing: Much customer media is rendered more vital and credible using third-party advertising – with the added benefit of budget alleviation. MAIRDUMONT MEDIA is a leading special interests marketer in the areas of outdoors and travel. Advertising marketing covers over 30 brands in the print, online and mobile media segments.

Production/distribution: Our innovative production and distribution solutions and trustworthy address and response management allow you to profit from the reliability and security of a large publishing house.


Sample e-magazine

Building on the basis of the Marco Polo travel magazine, we develop customised and efficient e-magazines with intelligent social media features.



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We provide you with a well-founded and no-obligation assessment of the quality of your customer magazine according to journalistic criteria. To receive one, please send us two samples of the last two issues of your publication.

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