Automotive Apps

We develop native applications for use in the automotive environment which allow you to create additional incentives for customers to buy your products. Our focus here is on apps in the areas of travel, leisure and navigation. Perfectly attuned to the needs of your customers, we do of course support a wide range of different integration options.


Integration options

  • Sale of the app in your own app store and use via the user interface of your head unit
  • Reference to the app from the customary app stores and use via smartphone integration in the vehicle, e.g. by means of Mirror Link or Remote HMI


Linked up with the vehicle

Depending on your preference, the apps can access relevant data about the vehicle, e.g. the vehicle’s position, speed or amount of fuel left, and thus actively assist the driver. With the direct transfer of geocodes for our travel content to the navigation system in the car, every excursion and trip is transformed into a multimedia experience.


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You will find further information in our brochure (PDF format):