Falk Navigator

The app, which is available for individual regions as well as the whole of Europe, offers a very persuasive choice with a large number of strong functions. The app comes with an extensive package of premium navigation functions such as Active Traffic or Optimal Routes, which allow you to navigate in comfort.


Based on our Falk Navigator, we are able to offer you a navigation app which is customised to reflect your brand design. This is given a customised user interface (colours, buttons, icons, app name and logo) and you can integrate an additional POI layer of your choice.


How you benefit

  • You strengthen customer loyalty in the area of after sales
  • You push the sale of your own products and services
  • You support your brand marketing
  • You make yourself stand out from your rivals


Do you want to try it out?

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You will find further information in our brochure (PDF format):