Mobile terminals such as e-book readers, smartphones and tablets have established themselves as ideal travel companions. The content can be browsed by keywords in a matter of seconds. Thanks to many different cross-links within the product, it is possible to quickly skip through the travel guide.


Perfect trip preparation

Content can be highlighted and you can add your own notes. This allows you to create your own very personal travel itinerary, offering you a quick overview of your very personal highlights when you are on the go.


Ideal customer retention tool

e.g. as a free add-on

  • when a trip is booked
  • when an insurance policy is taken out
  • when a hire car is booked
  • etc.


Digital extension of a printed product

  • Cross-media appeal to your target group
  • Link to related up-to-date, supplementary, multimedia content on the web



ePub, PDF or fixed layout


Strong Labels




You will find further information in our brochure (PDF format):