The Marco Polo travelmagazine is a new, digital travel magazine, featuring reports, holiday tips and interesting glimpses behind the scenes of the travel world. In addition to main sporting themes such as hiking and cycling or skiing and wellness holidays, the Marco Polo travelmagazine also provides information about topics such as security, prices and holiday planning. Interactive maps and direct links to the internet open up a new dimension of communication and entertainment for users and potential advertising partners. The new magazine also boasts very good social media integration as the articles can be liked and thus recommended to friends.



Your digital customer magazine

Would you like to publish a customer magazine which is specifically tailored to you and is released on a regular basis?

We are more than happy to adapt travel and holiday themes to your target group and combine them with news about your company and the presentation of your products and services. We rely here on a large network of authors, photographers, editors, graphic designers and cameramen.


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