Map Services

Present your locations on your website not just with lots of detailed information, but also show your customers how and where they can find them. Spruce up your internet portal with the latest maps of the city and the surrounding area featuring useful extras such as car parks, points of interest and places to eat. Enhance your maps with your own information layers.


  • Interactive maps (OSM, Falk, Kompass and others) in many zoom levels with extension navigation options
  • Display of as many addresses as you want with individual map logos
  • Enhancement of the maps to include all kinds of extra information
  • Route planning providing directions to all locations
  • Supplementation of the maps to include your own POI layers
  • Map size and layout are fully adaptable
  • Easy and flexible integration in your website


Application examples

Leisure time planner

Use our sample leisure time planner – a map-based planning tool based on Falk Connected – and see the numerous possibilities of our API for yourself.


Display map

Would you like to display your locations on a map? Do you want to incorporate high-quality, global maps provided with lots of extra information into your website?


Find locations

Do you want your locations or branches to be found by means of a geographic search? Would you like to display the search results on a map?


Plan route

Would you like to offer your customers and other interested parties directions to your locations? Do you want to integrate route planning in your portal?



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You will find further information in our brochure (PDF format):