Guided Tours

Enjoy tours researched by our editorial team along routes that pass through delightful landscapes. Thanks to the defined route profile, the driver is guided along a specific route. The tours are ideally suited to car drivers and motorcyclists and can be driven in both directions. For each tour, we provide you with a detailed tour description including a tour image and details of how long it takes and how many kilometres it covers.



Editorial destinations

Each tour comes with lots of editorial tour destinations. The destinations are primarily points of interest, historical monuments, vineyards or beautiful panoramic views. Suggestions for restaurants and hotels can also be integrated as an option.


Audio files as alerts

As you travel along, high-quality spoken audio files provide interesting facts and information about your surroundings and you thus get to know the country and its people. Like the editorial destinations on the tour, the audio files are available in several languages.


Technical details

  • WGS84 geocodes for NAVTEQ or Tele Atlas map material possible
  • Data supplied in a structured XML format


Strong Labels




You will find further information in our brochure (PDF format):