Expedited Map Service

Falk offers a new service

Up-to-date, accurate cartographical material from the multi-million selling Falk maps is now available in a new kind of service.


What does this mean?

The exceptionally high-quality of city and country maps in the typical style of Falk cartography – guaranteed by the publishing house’s unparalleled in-house research department – is now available as cartographical material for your use.


How does it work?

Visit the Falk map server and use the zoom feature on the screen to choose any map extract from the selected map. Once the payment process has been completed, you will automatically receive the high-resolution cartography data by email within just a few minutes.


How do I benefit from this?

If you wish to avoid using only maps with average quality resolution for marketing and advertising purposes, such as direct mailing, brochures, invitations and how-to-find-us directions, then Falk maps are just what you are looking for. Using the zoom feature, select the degree of scale, from city maps with full street names to regional overviews, to go with the extract personally selected by you. In doing so, you will markedly increase the production value of your print product.


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You will find further information in our brochure (PDF format):