Cuisine, Health, House & Home

Cooking is enjoyable. It is great fun to try out new recipes, spontaneously invite friends over for dinner or surprise your own family.

More and more people are discovering wellness: give oneself a treat, get active and harmonise the body & mind. There are many ways to make yourself feel good. With the right guide anybody can gain greater vitality and a zest for life.

Everybody is looking for happiness and can find it in many different areas! This might be in their career, in their partnership & family life or in nature and interacting with animals.


Make sure that your brand leaves a lasting impression: We develop, in accordance with your wishes, attractive books and booklets which allow a successful advertising image to be presented.

We use different titles to produce customised products exclusively for your company. You decide on the content, format and size.

Individualisation of books, e.g. with a cover designed by you, your logo, integrated advertising pages or bookmarks.


In these themed areas, we work together successfully with our partner publishers.


Strong Labels




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