MARCO POLO Trend Guides

Up with the very latest trend…with our “classics”: the MARCO POLO Trend Guides, which are not available in book stores, can be provided with a promotional imprint, digital sticker, bookmarks and individual special cover.

Or we can “magically conjure up” a complete special product for you to reflect your specific wishes (format, size, set of themes).


Technical data:

Volume: 96/112 pages of content + 4 pages of outside cover

Format: 10.6 x 19.0 cm

Processing: adhesive binding


The following titles are currently available:


Editorial content is available for the following further themes:

Excursion destinations in Germany, skiing regions in the Alps, Christmas markets in Germany, cycling tours in Germany, amusement parks in Germany, wineries in Europe, …

Strong Labels




You will find further information in our brochure (PDF format):