MP Fun & Games – Adventures in Germany

The ideal year-round companion for an action-packed time – indoors and outdoors.

Adventure land … Germany is from the North Sea to the Alps an attractive leisure destination offering lots of highlights for the whole family. There are loads of new things to discover, indoors and outdoors and in all weathers. And there is a lot you can learn at the same time…



Technical data:

Format:          10.6 x 19.0 cm

Volume:         100 pages (96 + 4)


Options for individualisation:

  • Promotional imprint on a neutral 4c preprinted front page (see picture)
  • Special outer cover configured over 4 pages
  • Attach a sticker or bookmark
  • Individually compiled content, formats & grammages as a special production



Approx. 400 new leisure tips in Germany which are great fun in all weathers. Events, festivals & more; games when travelling; tips for the picnic basket; unusual places to stay: treehouse hotels, sleeping on straw, adventure campsites, …


Examples of themes:

Pure Adventure (approx. 70 leisure tips)

Theme parks (thrills, shows & attractions)

Amusement parks (Land of Pirates, Adventurers & Gamers)

Fairytale worlds (dwarves, fairy godmothers & evil spirits)


Sport & Water Fun (approx. 60 leisure tips)

Water parks (wild water, giant slides & wellness)

Indoor skiing (enjoy skiing all year round)


Watching Animals (approx. 70 leisure tips)

Zoos & safari parks (exotic animals from all over the world)

Aquariums (watch sea creatures right up close)

Natural wonders (cliffs, waterfalls, caves, …)


Discovering Nature (approx. 70 leisure tips)

Nature trails & bare foot parks (explore the cycle of nature yourself)

Treetop paths & high rope courses (concentration is everything)

Natural history museums (adventure nights with dinosaurs for children)


Experiencing History & Culture (approx. 70 leisure tips)

Palaces & gardens (experience their full splendour)

Knight’s castles (the Middle Ages from the tower to the dungeon)

Open-air museums (watch craftsmen & bake bread)

Interactive museums (history & art you can touch)


Exploring Technology (approx. 50 leisure tips)

Science & technology museums (latest research)

Interactive motoring museums (the motorised carriage to the electric car)

Ship ahoy (steamboat upstream, climb into a submarine)

Powerhouses (discover solar, wind & hydroelectric power)

Moon & stars (explore space in a planetarium)

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