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In the thick of it rather than just on the fringes…

The themes each have a short introduction, and teasers for new trends in the leisure sector are provided. Within the five themed sections, the tips for the respective sports are ordered by region, starting in the north west of Germany.

Numerous specials break up the individual themed sections: the latest trends, e.g. GPS-based hiking routes, geocaching etc., are explained here, websites on the topic are referred to, and literature and download tips are provided.

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Technical data:

Format:          10.6 x 19.0 cm

Volume:         100 pages (96 + 4)


Options for individualisation:

  • Promotional imprint on a neutral 4c preprinted front page (see picture)
  • Special outer cover configured over 4 pages
  • Attach a sticker or bookmark
  • Individually compiled content, formats & grammages as a special production



New sports trends

From “GEO-caching” and “wakeboarding” right through to active recreational meets.
The target group is wide-ranging: this trend guide is intended to appeal to both the traditional hiking enthusiast and the modern digital treasure hunter. There is also room for tips on leisurely water-based pursuits such as the fashionable high-speed water disciplines of “kitesurfing” or “wakeboarding”.
With a map of Germany and the destinations marked on the map.


Examples of themes:           

Close To Nature – Hiking, Walking and Skating

Award-winning hiking regions

Nordic Walking parks

Skating courses and meeting places etc.


Up On High – Climbing, High Rope, Slacklining and Parkour

Climbing facilities

High-rope courses

Bouldering centres etc.


Downhill and on a Big Circuit

Mountain biking and cycling tours

MTB parks and MTB trails

Cycling routes, electric bikes & pedelecs etc.


River, Lake and Sea – Water Sports and Water Fun

Canoe trips

Water-skiing & wakeboarding stations

Rafting & canyoning etc.


Kyudo, Yoga & Co. – The Art of Active Relaxation

Asian archery

Yoga facilities

Tai chi meeting places

Outdoor gyms etc.

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