MP Green Guide

Discover, experience & enjoy Germany in an environmentally conscious way!

This title is produced in an environmentally friendly manner very much with the theme of “sustainability” in mind: paper and printing with FSC certification and CO2 compensation.

In Germany, the new sustainable lifestyle is very trendy. Importance is attached here to ecologically correct actions, without sacrifices, but with lots of enjoyment.
Having fun in your free time & on holiday and yet at the same time acting sustainably and socially responsibly – are these two things compatible?

Of course they are! In Germany, there are lots of exciting leisure activities from the North Sea down to the Alps which are also easy to get to using buses and trains: lakes for bathing, bare foot and wildlife parks, cottage gardens, herb gardens and aromatic gardens, organic restaurants & farm shops, wine-tasting at ecological wine growers, …



Technical data:

Format:          10.6 x 19.0 cm

Volume:         100 pages (96 + 4)

Printing:         climate-neutral


Options for individualisation:

  • Promotional imprint on a neutral 4c preprinted front page (see picture)
  • Special outer cover configured over 4 pages
  • Attach a sticker or bookmark
  • Individually compiled content, formats & grammages as a special production



New ways in Germany
Very environmentally friendly leisure pursuits & holidays – ecologically sustainable, without having to make sacrifices … but with lots of fun!


Examples of themes:

Experiencing Nature Up Close

National parks, nature parks and geoparks

Natural conservation centres (all you need to know about flora & fauna)

Natural monuments (waterfalls, springs, caves)

Bare foot parks (feel new things with all the senses)


Experiencing Culture & History

Open-air museums (experience history live)

Interactive museums (natural history & eco-technology you can touch)

Renewable energies (visit wind, water, solar power plants)


Time for the Senses

Herbs & aromatic gardens (gardens for the senses)

Bathing lakes and beaches (active in the great outdoors)


Eat & Drink Very Naturally

Organic restaurants (feast with a clear conscience)

Wine-tasting at ecological wine growers (fine wines)

Organic farm shops offering tastings (shop with all the senses)


Very Special Places To Stay

Organic hotels & organic wellness hotels (serving wholefood cuisine for sophisticated tastes)

Holiday farms, farmsteads & equestrian farms (with family involvement, animals & lots of nature)

Strong Labels




You will find further information in our brochure (PDF format):